• What Comes Natural To A Fool (2016)


    What Comes Natural To A Fool

    All They Serve In Here Is Misery

    Excuse Me (But You Know That’s It So)

    Because Of You

    Give A Lonely Heart A Home

    One Bar At A Time

    Our Paths May Never Cross

    Same Old Town

    Barstool Mountain

    I’m Still Not Over You

    Loving You Could Never Be Better


  • Call Of The Wine (2010)


    Call of the Wine

    I Bought the Shoes (That Just Walked Out On Me)

    Good Year for the Roses

    Perfect Stranger

    New Lips

    Were Off and Lovin Again (feat. Leona Williams)

    Face The Music

    I Want To Hear It From You

    Mr. Right and Mrs. Wrong

    I Went To Bed Loving You

    What A Liar I Am

    There's Something About A Lady

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